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The essence of one of Latin America’s most influential music and style icons, Juan Gabriel, becomes evident as the collection evolves into a stage-worthy mix of sleek outerwear infused with the artist’s classic and at times idividualistic “charro”  influence.


Synthesized through the brands minimal aesthetic, the silhouettes straddle the line of masculine and feminine; taken in high at the waist and loose through  the leg, cropped and  oversized.     The “Noa Stripe” print takes a very literal inspiration, converting audio of one of his most popular songs “El Noa Noa”  and transforming it into a visual that effortlessly lends itself into a print suitable for the modern disrupter. 


It could be argued that Juan Gabriel’s ecentric style  ushered in a change   in  ideas of what an artist can represent. The conventional world places masculinity into a rigid form, unmoving and unwielding where a true artist can circumvent these ideas and transform the artistry. Regardless of the conversation around him,  Juan Gabriel was always unapologetically himself, for that he will forever be  “El Divo.”









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